Nationwide Media Headlines Illustrate the Problem of Child Abuse Fatalities

While House Holds Hearing on Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities

Washington DC | July 7, 2011 - Today the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths (NCECAD) released the new report The Growing Crisis in Child Protection – a compilation of national media headlines drawing attention to the growing number of child abuse and neglect deaths happening every day in our society. With nearly seven children dying in America every day from abuse or neglect, the report shows how media coverage has drawn a connection between these deaths and severe state budget cuts.

Described by NCECAD as “simple, but stark,” the report is part of the Coalition’s campaign to stop child abuse and neglect deaths. The Coalition is sending this report to Congress and the President asking them to provide financial relief for state child protection systems and to convene a national commission to address this urgent situation for children.

According to NCECAD Coordinator Kimberly Day, MSW, “The release of this new report is another step in the Coalition's ongoing efforts to bring public attention to the issue of child abuse and neglect related deaths. The time has come for our country’s leaders to make systemic changes that will result in a safer world for our children.”

The release of the document coincides with a Congressional hearing on child abuse deaths to be held on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. Called by Representative Dave Camp (R-MI), Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, the hearing will highlight the forthcoming Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on child abuse deaths.

The hearing was announced earlier this year at a NCECAD sponsored Congressional briefing on the subject, during which NCECAD celebrity spokesperson Tamara Tunie (Law and Order: SVU) presented Chairman Camp with a petition asking Congress to hold hearings on the matter.   Ms. Tunie, who not only plays a medical examiner on television but has a strong personal interest in combating child abuse deaths, is expected to testify at the hearing.

For more information about this report, the hearing, and to learn how you can help with the campaign to end child abuse and neglect fatalities, please visit

About the Members of the Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths:

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with nearly 145,000 members and 56 chapters. Founded in 1955, NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies that support individuals, families and communities. 

The National Center for Child Death Review (NCCDR) is a resource center for state and local child death review programs. The center provides technical assistance to help teams develop, implement and sustain a prevention-focused CDR process, training, strategic planning and program development for state and local teams, consultation to coordinate with other reviews, including fetal and infant mortality, domestic violence, serious injury, and maternal mortality, support for the network of CDR program leaders.

The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping local communities respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient – and put the needs of child victims first. NCA provides training, support, technical assistance and leadership on a national level to local children’s and child advocacy centers and communities responding to reports of child abuse and neglect. 

The Every Child Matters Education Fund (ECMEF) was founded in 2002 with the mission to make children’s issues a political priority. To that end, ECM has promoted the adoption of smart policies for children and youth. These include ensuring that children have access to affordable, comprehensive health care services, expanding early-care and learning opportunities and after-school programs, preventing violence, abuse, maltreatment and fatalities against children in their homes and alleviating child poverty.

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), founded in 1950, is the oldest and largest professional organization representing criminal prosecutors in the world. The National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse (NCPCA), a program of NDAA, was established in 1985. NCPCA is staffed with professionals involved in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse, exploitation and technology facilitated crimes against children. NCPCA trains approximately 10,000 child abuse prosecutors and allied professionals annually, and provides technical assistance to thousands more.
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