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Social Workers in Elected Office

Key: Political Party Affiliation
D Democrat
DFL Democratic Farm Labor
I Independent
N/P Nonpartisan
R Republican
WF Working Families

By publishing this roster, NASW seeks to document the movement of social workers into politics and government. In addition, NASW seeks to recruit, train, and promote social workers as candidates for political appointments and for elected public offices at all levels of government. This reflects the growing recognition within the profession of the important contribution of social workers to public decision-making and the democratic process.

This list was compiled by the Government Relations/Political Action unit of NASW in cooperation with NASW's chapters and various independent sources. Please contact us about any incorrect or missing information at 800/638-8799, ext. 418 or pace@naswdc.org

Social Workers in State and Local Office

Social Workers In Congress (113TH CONGRESS)
Social Workers in Congress


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